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Live for Love. Love for Life.® 
Love is the only sane and satisfactory
answer to the problem of human existence.

- Erich Fromm       
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About Us

Pause for a moment and take a closer look at the world in which we live -- not only on the grand scale of nations, societies, cultures and religions, but also in our own microcosm of daily routine and interactions with those around us. Taken as by a thief, we have been overcome by a pandemic fear of love -- both of being loved and loving others -- a parasitic disease that has feasted untiringly, starving us and leading us to nearly forget the art of love.

Out of fear, we consciously and subconsciously build fortresses around ourselves to shield us from intimately connecting with and understanding other people; we willingly chain ourselves to materialistic desires, hoping for a sense of satisfaction from fleeting moments of self-gratification and false happiness. In our misguided avoidance of love, we are left alone, surrounded by things without meaning. But to step away from the fear of love -- to in-fact, close your eyes, fall into, and surrender completely to love, is to discover true freedom and happiness.

TruLuv.com was conceived in early 2007 as an epiphany resulting from experiences in my own life, having realized that what this world doesn't need, is more ways of trying to divert our attention from the things (or rather, people) that are truly important in our lives; but rather, what we need, is to rediscover love. In a sense then, this is my gift of love to society. I hold the belief that love is indeed essential to life, and everyone should have an equal opportunity to find the fulfillment they seek, not just those with a large bank account, or of particular social standing. In learning to love without fear and in sharing this new-found love, we can leave this world a better place than we found it.

May you find reward in your pursuit of love and happiness.

Live for Love. Love for Life.

David Luker
Creator and Founder - TruLuv.com


The mission of TruLuv.com is to bring people together stemming from disparate backgrounds; to envoke a mutual understanding transcending language barriers, political boundaries and across cultures that might otherwise remain isolated.

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